Interview with CoinPaprika

In this interview, we chat with Matt from CoinPaprika and talk about their platform, what his job involves and his insight at life working in a fast-paced crypto start up.

April 6, 2020


In this interview, we chat with Matt from CoinPaprika about their platform, what his job involves and insight at life working in a fast-paced crypto start up.

CoinPaprika is a Blockchain Research Platform with Market Overview, Prices, Charts, Teams, Events, Github, Twitter, ATH, Reddit, Coin Details for 2000+ Cryptocurrencies and 200+ Exchanges.

1. What were you doing in life when you first heard about blockchain, and what was your first experience in the blockchain space?

In my life, it was a work-related encounter, I would say. I was working in an e-sport company. We’ve been doing live betting, and as one of the first in the industry, we introduced crypto deposits. At first, I was a little bit confused because I’ve never heard of those “Bitcoins.” I remember I was given about 2 weeks to jump into the topic. My first website that I’ve visited was, ironically, Coinmarketcap!

2. Most people get into crypto through trading or mining, how did you start using your skills and experience in other ways?

I was always interested in marketing & technology, so i couldn’t imagine a better industry for that skill usage. I remember that while I was joining the crypto space, the marketing wasn’t defined. I mean there were classic approaches to the marketing, but in my opinion they were all obsolete. The reason to that was because nobody before could show how to do it. Nobody had experience in “Crypto Marketing,” everyone was using their previous industry experiences. We were all learning back then. Right now, it is 180 degrees different.

3. You have a data platform called CoinPaprika; can you tell us a bit about that and how this came about?

We are, as one of our users, said once upon a time: “a CMC on steroids,” and to be honest, it was our first goal when we were creating Coinpaprika. We wanted to be faster, more reliable & have more data than the most prominent cryptocurrency website back then. And we did it.

Right now we track simultaneously over 25 thousands markets, all independently. That makes us a pretty solid platform, I’d say. Also, what’s really important, that people sometimes tend to forget is that we have all this valuable data available via our free API, which I highly recommend if you need a trustworthy data source.

CoinPaprika: A blockchain data platform

4. From what we can see, CoinPaprika offers a range of data and services, including the new “Coins” wallet. What features can users find on your platform?

As I said before, Coinpaprika was created as a better version of an already existing platform. We knew what has to be done better and where to look for possible upgrades, it was a pretty straight forward project.

COINS is very different in that matter. It is something that wasn’t available on the market before and therefore it’s more thrilling and exciting for our team! To illustrate what COINS really is, let’s take a look at your crypto-related activities.

You trade on an exchange, you store funds on your non-custodial wallet and you check market prices on Coinpaprika. But what if you could reduce all those activities to one app? That would be great, wouldn’t it? COINS is a truly One App for Crypto.

5. How does your team look at adding new features, and what can we look forward to?

Right now, we have an ongoing survey on Coinpaprika that will help us with a better understanding of what users really need. Although we’ve got a backlog full of ideas, coinpaprika was always a user-oriented project, so we want to be sure that the features we create will be used by most of our visitors.

And with COINS, I can already tell you that there will be much more crypto supported by our non-custodial wallet (right now, you can store over 2000 different cryptocurrencies).

We’ll also add customised price alerts, new FIAT gateways, and much more. Users won’t be disappointed, I can tell you that.

6. What does a typical day/week look like for you working at CoinPaprika?

For me, it’s never the same. Of course there are some activities that repeat itself, like responding to emails or having dozens of calls with different people around the world. And those are hard sometimes when the timezones don’t match. But most of my time I spend on planning and finding solutions that can benefit our products.

I’m a big fan of Growth Hacking, so I tend to work very closely with our development team. I believe that nowadays, marketing has to be strictly correlated with product development. Especially in our industry.

7. What has been your biggest achievement whilst building CoinPaprika, something that makes you proud?

It’s people. People and their kind words about our projects. Our team really put their hearts into COINS & Coinpaprika. That’s how we were taught to build products. Every new positive opinion about our projects is an achievement for us, and trust me, this works like rocket fuel.

8. Can you tell us a few ways in how users can benefit from using your platform over competitors such as CoinMarketCap?

There are a lot of things that I believe we are better than most of our competitors. Let me point out some:

  • The amount of data – we don’t only track prices as some people can think, but we also gather data so that you can have a full overview of a given project. Teams, Events, News, Order books, Regulations, or GitHub progress are just some information that you can find there.
  • The simplicity – simply efficient User Interface. Our website has to be both deep in features but stay lightweight. Sometimes it’s not an easy task, but we always try to prioritise user experience first.
  • The free, professional API – this one is pretty straightforward. We give you everything for free, instead of charging a few hundred dollars a month like our competitors. The only thing we want in return is a mention.
  • Free Application – as you already know, by getting this app, you don’t only have a mobile version of Coinpaprika. You get a fully non-custodial multi-wallet and a built-in exchange! I’m pretty sure our competitors don’t offer that.
Free API access is just one of the key features on CoinPaprika

9. Finally, what advice can you give to listeners who are interested in building a business or a starting a side hustle in this industry but don’t know where to start? How can they best use their skills?

As I’m following this industry for quite some time, I would tell anyone reading to follow these three things:

  1. Never go all-in. This industry in unpredictable like no other, you should always have a plan B.
  2. Focus on Reverse Engineering.
  3. Always try to analyse what made other businesses successful and look for things that can be done better.

A big thanks to Matt & CoinPaprika for their insights, for more information about the CoinPaprika plaform check out their website below.


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