Stackin’ Sats Special: Mudrex Update 1

Every week we want to show you easy ways you can stack sats, with no trading, no mining, no staking involved. This week we are going to take an updated look at Mudrex.

July 1, 2020

Sign up to Mudrex and automate your trading. Get started with a free $25 sign up bonus

Every week we want to show you easy ways you can stack sats and this week we are going to take an updte look at the Mudrex platform.

Mudrex is an automated trading platform which allows users to invest in algorithms created by traders and developers

Users can check detailed statistics for each algorithm listed including the backtesting performance results. We have decided the best way to illustrate the platform is to try several bundles and test them ourself.

One of the key motives for putting together this series of articles was to show readers the benefits of automating your trading, freeing up your time from watching charts and allowing you to focus on more creative things such as launching a startup or concentrate on work.

How Has It Performed?

We originally invested $3200 via the Binance exchange, split among the bundles listed above on the 15th May 2020.

As you can see the performance has varied between bundles with only 2 bundles being profitable, both of which were trading Ethereum.

The overall portfolio is down -6.26% for the last 6 weeks, which can be attributed to the sideways moves in the markets.

Over the next 6 weeks we will refine the bundles we are using to choose the most profitable and ditch those not performing.

How To Sign Up?

If you wish to sign up the Mudrex platform, you can use the link below for a free $25 signup credit which allows you start trading on any bundle for free.

How To Get Started?

Step 1: Select a bundle you want to invest

There are multiple bundles that are listed on the Mudrex Invest for you to pick from based on your risk appetite, available exchanges, and preference.

Ideally, you should pick 3–4 different bundles and diversify your position.

Step 2: Add your API keys

You can go live on bundle only after adding your API keys. Mudrex supports multiple exchanges including Binance, Bitmex, Bybit, Deribit and OKEX.

Step 3: Invest funds and go live

The $25 signup credit will allow you to use a bundle free of charge for around 2-3 months based on an account size of $500 or less. Giving a suitable period for users to try a bundle of their choice.

The low monthly fee also allows users with smaller account balances to access the platform.

We recommend that you follow the progress of our articles to determine the best performing bundles before signing up.

*Disclaimer Past performances are not indicative of future results. We recommend users consult their financial advisor before making any investment. Any articles and opinions posted by our team should not be considered as financial advice.


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