Stackin’ Sats: YouHodler

Every week we want to show you easy ways you can stack sats, with no trading, no mining, no staking involved. This week we are going to take a look at YouHodler.

June 6, 2020

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Every week we want to show you easy ways you can stack sats, with no trading, no mining, no staking involved. This week we are going to take a look at YouHodler.

YouHodler is FinTech platform is focused on crypto-backed lending with fiat, crypto, and stablecoin loans. Users are able to perform crypto to fiat and crypto to crypto conversions, as well as open high-yield saving accounts for any crypto deposits. 

The platform supports the top 20 crypto coins and tokens and the app can be found online at or via Android or iOS applications. 

YouHodler Features

There are several key features on the platform including:

1) Crypto Savings Accounts: Allowing users to earn interest on any crypto deposits held on the platform.

2) Crypto Backed Loans: Deposit Crypto and get an Instant Loan, allowing you to hold another asset without owning it.

3) MultiHODL: A unique feature powered by crypto-backed loans that help users take advantage of crypto market volatility in either direction.

4) Turbocharge: Use your crypto as collateral to get much more crypto and benefit in case of further price growth.

Let us see how you can start earning!

Savings Accounts

YouHodler provides multiple methods for users to profit from their digital crypto assets. Now there is a way for users to earn just by keeping crypto in their YouHodler wallet.

Users can receive interest on their USDT, USDC, PAX, TUSD, DAI, HUSD, BNB, BTC, ETH, XRP, XLM, LINK, HT, or PAXG funds.

Users can earn between 3 and 12% a year on their holdings depending on the coin/token.

On the left side panel in your account you can see the SAVINGS section.

Click the SAVINGS tab. There you will see your savings accounts in Stablecoins and Crypto.

After pressing the ADD FUNDS button, you will see the Savings conditions (e.g interest, approximate yearly earnings, etc.).

Press ADD FUNDS to start to gain profit. Once funds are deposited to the Savings Account, the first weekly settlement period begins.

After the weekly settlement period is over, the interest will be deposited to the Savings Account.

Users are free to keep earned funds inside the Savings Account to get even more profit in the next settlement period or enlarge their assets using MultiHODL.

To see how much interest was earned, check the EARNED section of the Savings Account.

There you have it, an easy way for long term crypto hodlers to earn interest on their assets. Next, we move onto how to use the loans feature on the platform.


To get your first loan go to the Get Loan page. Here you will find the loan calculator.

First, you can change the collateral and loan amounts. On the left side, you can select a coin from the list and then type how much crypto to be reserved as collateral.

On the right side, you can setup the desired loan amount in fiat currency or BTC. This helps to see how much crypto you may need for the desired amount of cash or BTC.

In the case you don’t have enough crypto, you will be asked to deposit more.

After you figured out your loan amount, please see our tariffs. There are three tariff options you can choose from. We recommend Quick cash with the best loan to value ratio.

Don’t forget to click agreement checkbox. It’s very important to read and agree the terms and conditions and understand all the information before you actually take a loan.

The minimum loan amount is 100 USD.

Once you’re ready, click on the GET LOAN button.

Now you’ve taken out your first loan! Your borrowed funds will appear in the “Wallets” section.

Don’t forget to watch your loan on the My Loans section.

YouHodler provides several options to repay your loan using crypto, fiat or stablecoins:

  • Crypto – You can repay your loan in any crypto using the “Convert” feature inside the platform;
  • Bank Wire – Please be advised that to unlock the bank wire option, you need to verify your address. The process could take up to 12 hours;
  • Credit Card – Please be advised that the Bank Card verification could take up to 12 hours;
  • From your wallet – You can repay your loan using fiat or stablecoins from your wallet;
  • Close now – You can repay your loan using your collateral’s market value.


Multi HODL™ is a tool to multiply your crypto funds using a portion of your YouHodler savings account or wallet balance.

Users can keep the majority of their funds in safe, stable, and profitable savings accounts while using some amount to engage in trading activities with the high-profit potential.

To start Multi HODLing go to the Multi HODL™ section in your account. 

Click the “Start new Multi HODL™” button to fill the Multi HODL™ form.

There, you can set the desired Multi HODL™ parameters:

  • The source of funds – from your Wallet or Savings, and the initial amount of investments;
  • The currency pair you’d like to invest;
  • Price direction – an instrument to choose the investment strategy to gain profit from price growth or price drop;
  • Profit/Loss level (Multiply X).

After you set all parameters, press the START button.

You can watch your “MultiHODLing” process in the Multi HODL™ section in your account.

Congratulations! You’ve just started MultiHODLing.

Please be advised:

  • All operations are executed on real crypto exchanges. Hence, the price rate and time of the transactions may vary.
  • To receive an interest on the initial savings account deposit while using the Multi HODL™, it must be opened and contains the minimal funds’ amount equivalent to 10 USD;
  • If the Multi HODL™ return at the closing of the transaction is less than the allowable minimum for the conversion, the platform will refund the balance in borrowed currency to your wallet;
  • Explore in advance the Multi HODL™ investment risk, Multi HODL™ fees & commissions and Multi HODL™ conditions before using the product.


Turbo loans provide the opportunity to create a “chain of loans” in one click. After the user pushes the “TURBOCHARGE” button, our platform automatically uses the fiat that was lent to buy more crypto without any fee (limited offer) to use as the collateral for the next loan in chain.

Furthermore, the interest rate on each loan reduces with every additional step added. 

In order to use Turbo Loan, first visit the Turbocharge Crypto page.

You will see all available tariffs and will be able to customize your Turbo Loan.

The minimum amount for the first loan is 100 USD or 0,01 BTC.

In this mode, you can set the initial collateral amount and set the number of loans, that will be part of the loan-chain.

In the lower left corner a parameter will appear showing how much additional cryptocurrency you will get with this particular turbo-loan.

After creating the turbo loan request, YouHodler automatically buys additional crypto for the borrowed funds without any fee (limited offer), uses it as the collateral for a new loan in the chain and then repeats it the number of times that you set.

Please be advised, that all operations will be executed on real crypto exchanges. Hence, the price rate and time of the transactions may vary.

It’s recommend using Turbo Loan feature if you want to multiply your crypto assets using a cascade of loans.

Please be advised:

  • “Extreme” tariff plan has its own special parameters. To learn more about our new tariff plan, please, follow the link;
  • If the price of the Turbocharge loan crypto reaches the Price Down Limit (PDL), the platform is forced to close your loan and sell your collateral to avoid financial loose risk. The rest of the borrowed funds remaining from the last loan in a chain (if any) will be returned to your savings account or wallet.

In order to get the cash with your loan, please, use the classic crypto-backed loans.

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