About is a fintech company focusing on HR-solutions for business. We have been developing our HR solutions since 2016, helping global businesses and jobseekers to connect, arrange work and get paid quickly and safely. To date, our software includes LaborX, a labour-hire platform that puts workers directly in touch with employers; PaymentX, our crypto payroll solution; and the next-generation cry​pto exchange TimeX. Our founding team comes from a successful background in recruitment, and deep experience in the blockchain industry. We know what businesses and individuals need and are looking for, and we’re experts in the technology stack that can make it happen. We’re also well placed to establish key partnerships with major companies.

Key Features

  • Labour-hire platform that puts workers directly in touch with employers
  • PaymentX, our crypto payroll solution
  • Next-generation cry​pto exchange TimeX.

Company Information


Year Founded: 2016

CEO: Sergei Sergienko


Cost and Offers


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