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Episode 26 – FTX July 7, 2020 On this episode we are joined by Sam Bankman-Fried. Sam is the CEO and Founder of Alameda and the FTX crypto exchange. Listen in and hear Sam's journey in building the platform, life working at a crypto exchange and his advice for anyone wanting to build their own startup or… Read more   →
Episode 25 – Crypto Trader Tax July 5, 2020 David Kemmerer is the co-founder of Crypto Trader Tax, a simple and most reliable crypto tax software and calculator. Users can automate their tax calculations on a host of exchanges, backdated their tax calculations for several years and save thousands on accountant fees. Listen in and hear David's journey in… Read more   →
Episode 24 – Mudrex July 1, 2020 Edul Patel is the co-founder of Mudrex a digital asset platform that allows users to access trading bots, and automate their trading portfolio. The Mudrex platform allows users to view the best performing bots on their marketplace and access any bot for a monthly % fee based on performance rather… Read more   →
Episode 23 – Cobo Vault June 28, 2020 Lixin Liu is Head of Hardware at Cobo, a leading producer of hardware and software blockchain products that make it easy for anyone to own and use cryptocurrencies. Cobo Vault, hardware product of Cobo, is the world’s first all-around secure, military-grade cryptocurrency hardware wallet. Read more   →
Episode 22 – Stacked June 21, 2020 Joel Birch is the founder of Stacked, a digital asset platform that allows everyone to invest in crypto indices, access trading bots, and automate their portfolio management. Listen in and hear Joel's journey in building the platform, how automation is growing in this industry and his advice for anyone wanting… Read more   →
Episode 21 – Shieldfolio June 14, 2020 Freddy Hernandez is the founder of the Shieldfolio Stonebook™️. The notebook is made from crushed stone paper, 100% waterproof, and includes an invisible ink marker for writing. The book is intended to keep private keys and passwords safe from getting lost or misplaced when creating a digital wallet. It also… Read more   →
Episode 20 – ClipThat June 7, 2020 PostyXBT is the Co-Founder of ClipThat. ClipThat is a gaming platform design to change the way gaming content is shared among gamers. We discuss how the gaming industry has changed since the introduction of multiplayer and online gaming, the impact of social media for sharing content, and the journey in… Read more   →
Episode 19 – YouHodler May 30, 2020 On this episode we are joined by Anthony Cerullo, the Content Manager of YouHodler. We discuss his journey in this space, how he landed a job in blockchain, and the features available in the YouHodler platform. YouHodler is a DEFI platform that allows its users to lend and borrow crypto, earning… Read more   →
Episode 18 – BitFineon May 23, 2020 On this episode we are joined by Jared Grey, the founder and CEO of Bitfineon, a next generation crypto-and-fiat exchange focused on providing an uncanny user interface and customer experience while trading your favourite crypto. Listen in to hear Jared’s experience in building the platform. Read more   →
Episode 17 – SHAmory May 16, 2020 On this episode we are joined by Scott Sibley, the founder and CEO of SHAmory, blockchain based educational game. SHAmory is the perfect mixture of fun and education for anyone interested in learning about Bitcoin. Players will learn the basics of how mining works while earning Bitcoin rewards for each… Read more   →
Episode 16 – Macrodesiac May 13, 2020 On this episode we are joined by David Belle, the head of growth at Trading View and the founder of Macrodesiac. Listen in to hear David’s experiences in working at Trading View and building the Macrosdesiac platform. We talk about what skills and experiences he has learnt, and his advice… Read more   →
Episode 15 – Nik Patel May 8, 2020 On this episode we are joined by Nik Patel, also known by his Twitter handle, @cointradernik, is a full-time trader, investor, writer and advisor in the cryptocurrency space. He has been involved in this industry since 2013, and has since built up a large following on Twitter, where he posts… Read more   →
Episode 14 – Digital Lawrence May 6, 2020 On this episode we are joined by Digital Lawerence is the CEO & Co-Founder of FomoHunt. He has a background in Film, Television, Social Media, Product Management, and Design, Lawrence understands how to capture the essence of a brand, wrap it into a beautiful product, and push it globally. Since… Read more   →
Episode 13 – Pexa May 3, 2020 On this episode we are joined by Ryan Hein. Ryan is the core-developer and founder of the Pexa Project. He started developing software when he was just 14 years old. Ryan picked up PHP in 2004 and started building websites. Ryan then went onto lead an agency building website applications… Read more   →
Episode 12 – Bull of Bitcoin April 29, 2020 On this episode we are joined by Bull Of Bitcoin, a property developer of over ten years, and talk about his journey from his first property to his latest development. Watch or listen in to Bull's experience in finding niche properties for development, how to get funding, what types of… Read more   →
Episode 11 – Bybit April 26, 2020 On this episode we are joined by Ben Zhou, the CEO of leading crypto exchange Bybit, and talk about his blockchain journey. Prior to Bybit, Ben ran a retail forex brokerage for over 7 years. Listen in to hear Ben's experience in building the platform, what skills and experiences he… Read more   →
Episode 10 – Santiment April 22, 2020 On this episode, we talk with the team from Santiment about their journey in blockchain and the development of their analytics platform. Santiment is a behaviour analytics platform for cryptocurrencies, sourcing on-chain, social and development information on over 900 cryptocurrencies. Listen to how Maksim and Brian have built their platform,… Read more   →
Episode 9 – Instaswap April 19, 2020 On this episode, we chat with the 25 year old Thanasis Kontos, who is the Founder and CEO of InstaSwap. InstaSwap is an instant cross-chain cryptocurrency exchange that allows you to exchange crypto instantly. Listen to the trials and tribulations that Thanasis endured while building his team at InstaSwap and… Read more   →
Episode 8 – Mostafa Al-Mashita April 15, 2020 On this episode we are joined by Mostafa Al-Mashita and talk about his journey in the blockchain industry. Mostafa Al-Mashita is the Head of Business Development for Global Digital Assets. He previously worked as head of business development at Secure Digital Markets where he built relationships with institutions and private… Read more   →
Episode 7 – Charles Read April 12, 2020 On this episode we are joined by Charles Read and talk about his experiences of working in the blockchain industry. Charles started his career as a recruitment consultant in the Cyber Security sector. He built up his experience of working with clients in the blockchain sector and landed his first… Read more   →
Episode 6 – Fintech Recruiters April 5, 2020 On this episode, we chat with Nako from Fintech Recruiters around the labour market in blockchain, her experience in building her startup, and her tips on how you can find work in crypto to match your existing skills. Nako started her career in the marketing analytics space. She has over… Read more   →
Episode 5 – Sergei Sergienko March 29, 2020 Today we will be talking with Sergei Sergienko. Sergei has a strong background in mathematics, but he developed an interest in recruitment and industrial training. Once he learned about blockchain things begin to truly take off. Sergei is the CEO of Chrono.tech. Chrono.tech was founded in 2016 with the vision… Read more   →
Episode 4 – Brewhaus March 22, 2020 On this episode, we chat with Brewhaus and talk about how he has built a reputation as one of the top spec miners in crypto space by using a very UNIQUE way to earn to crypto with basic computer equipment. He started off as a novice, but immersed himself in… Read more   →
Episode 3 – Kryptoez March 19, 2020 On this episode we talk with Chris Astill-Smith. Chris is the founder of Kryptoez, a clothing company that specialises in crypto-themed socks and cuff links. Kryptoez accepts several different payment methods including a handful of crypto currencies. Read more   →
Episode 2 – Whit Gibbs March 16, 2020 On this episode we sit down with Whit Gibbs to talk about his journey in the blockchain industry. Whit Gibbs is the Co-Founder & CEO of Hashr8. Hashr8 presents a state of the art mining operating system and the team also has one of the top Cryptomining Podcast on iTunes… Read more   →
Episode 1 – WendyO March 14, 2020 On this episode we sit down with Wendy O and talk about her journey in the crypto space. Wendy became interested in cryptocurrency & blockchain technology in 2017. She quickly realized that blockchain technology would not only revolutionize & improve the quality of life, but that it would also provide… Read more   →